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Maxima,Grote, J.W.Speaker,, 1000 Bulbs,

Super Bright LED,Jupiter,

Specs for 1A-S-97R, 97RI, 97A, 97AI
Technical Info Sheets

Benefits of Kaper II Led Lighting

Kaper Benefits

Dead battery ever leave you stranded?

Kaper II's new Interior Lighting line is your solution!


LEDs have no breakable glass or filaments, and contain NO Mercury


LED Kaper II's LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours running time.

All Kaper II Products are backed by a strong warranty program.

Why LED?

Kaper II, Inc. has utilized the three key benefits of LED technology: efficiency, lifetime, and safety, to provide high quality, low energy lights for your RV and Travel Trailer.


LED lighting reduces battery power consumption by up to 85%!

Power 11 LED lamps to 1 incandescent in most cases.

LEDs reduce cooling loads from a running temperature of 203˚F in an  incandescent lamp to 73-81˚F in an LED version of the lamp.

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