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Kaper II is committed to providing state-of-the-art products on time, and within budget. We specialize in personalized service from design phase cooperation to materials management that provide for on time delivery of goods. We are a customer-focused company, staying ahead of the industry curve by continuing to expand our in-house design and molding capabilities to meet customer specifications. 


Kaper II Inc. was founded in 1982 by Richard Renshaw and Perry Warren, as co-developers of the first Stainless Steel Wheel Simulator.

Richard, already successful supplying chrome plated aluminum wheels for BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche dealers in the Los Angeles area, had the experience and flair for wheel accessories. He knew the RV Industry would be a key marketplace for the development and promotion of Wheel Simulators. Kaper II has been servicing this industry for the last thirty years.

With Kaper II's fast growing market, the company gained an opportunity to work on and develop several Simulator projects for:

  • - Isuzu's Aftermarket Program for their FRR, NPR Truck Chassis.

  • - Mercedes Benz, the owner of Freightliner Truck Corporation, requested Kaper II supply wheel simulators for their new Sprinter delivery van.

Through working with several major RV manufacturers, Kaper II discovered our RV OEM partners needed versatility in use as well as design styling, for their headlamp and tail lamp requirements.

These designs were unavailable from other suppliers, but Kaper II fulfilled these requests by sourcing from a wide variety of suppliers with whom they had developed relationships over the last twenty years. As a result of these efforts, Kaper II has been supplying 75% of the RV OEMs for their headlamp and tail lamp requirements since 1996.

Kaper II is also now providing lighting products to an array of utility and boat trailer manufacturers and to truck body manufacturers as well. Our commitment to providing a wide variety of quality lighting products with a creative pricing structure has created a demand to expand our market beyond the RV industry and into the areas of construction equipment, dump beds, and utility truck bodies. 



Kaper II launched Woody's Accessories, a completely new venture. This venture was to tap into the aftermarket possibilities with cab interior trim accessories for Heavy Duty Trucks. The product line would be sold through Chrome Shops and Truck Stops. This program took nine months to develop and encompassed more than 2000 part numbers. Within several months, the launch of similar products for the Freightliner and International series trucks was developed, putting Woody's Accessories ahead of the competition. 



Kaper II was approached by PACCAR Parts Division, for a new line of bright LED lamps, replacing energy-hungry incandescent lamps. A product line of 36 LED Lights was developed for this project. 



Kaper is a resource for National Aftermarket Distribution and retailing chains, servicing heavy trucks, motor coaches, recreational vehicles, and light trucks with Intelligent Fuse, LED interior light fixtures, LED replacement bulb. DOT Certified LED clearance, marker, stop, turn tail lamps, solar panels and rust resistant lug covers. Our designs and products go through rigorous in-house testing prior to third party certification to ensure compliancy with FMVSS108 standards.

We use parametric modeling software to design all components to ensure proper fit and finish before creating prototypes. Our in-house engineering team helped to convert the RV manufacturing industry to the use of LED interior lighting by introducing LED lights fixtures and LED bulbs for traditional fixtures. LED interior lighting is now available for an array of vehicles and applications.

When you make the decision to use our products, you can rest assured you are installing lighting products that have been engineered and tested to consistently perform in a variety of demanding applications.

Kaper II offers Intelligent Fuse, a fuse that signals when it blows. 


  • Intelligent Fuse greatly reduces troubleshooting time of electrical failures by signaling the failed fuse and the open circuit.

  • Intelligent Fuse meet all SAE Performance Standards for blade fuses; It is the only signaling blade fuse available that meets these performance standards

  • Intelligent fuse operates below 5 milli amps when the fuse opens. This is below the Automotive Key-off Threshold of 20 milli amps. It is the only signaling fuse that meets or exceeds this standard. 


Advanced Projects Summary

  • Developed RED LED Interior Lights used in Night Vision by SWAT Teams and in Marine Applications.

  • Kaper II has joined Porsche Design and Monaco Coach in designing lights for the next generation of RV's.

  • Collaborated with PACCAR Parts Division to design replacement LED lights and launch a new program through Kenworth and Peterbilt dealerships.

  • Kaper II Introduced Intelligent fuse, a fuse that signals when it blows.

  • Developing interior and exterior LED lights for Airstream to replace inefficient incandescent lights.

  • Researched and developed Solar-Powered Exterior LED Lighting for Bus Terminals.

Kaper wheel sim

Kaper wheel sim

Wheel simulator from Kaper II



kaper marker tail light

Kaper II The Small Booth
The Kaper Team at ConAgg 2017

L-R: Randy Renshaw (VP), Don Jordan (Sales Exec.) Bradly Patchen (Engineer) and Teresa Renshaw (Kaper Representative)

The new work lights line was a hit!


Advanced Projects
Intellegent Fuse
Mission Statement
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