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HQ located in-Kelso, WA. USA
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Vehicle Lighting

Kaper II, Inc. has provided products and services for the lighting industry for over thirty years. We supply the OEM sectors and various aftermarket vendors.

  • Simulators

  • Lug Nuts

  • Hubs

  • Axle Covers

  • Valve Extenders

  • Jam Nuts

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Testing

FCC Emissions Testing.

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New Featured Products

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KII Energy Svcs

Kaper II Energy Services

In our LED lighting we have utilized the three key benefits of bright LED technology efficiency, lifetime and safety - providing high quality, low energy lights for your requirements. We learned long ago that quality products build quality business. 

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There is an open position available seeking one outstanding individual! Click on picture to the left to read the job information!

KII Careers

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